Hydraulic Tools

Hydraulic Tools

Three year warranty! Easy, reaction-less bolting!

ICE-1 196 – 1,284 ft. lbs.
ICE-3 445 – 2,969 ft. lbs.
ICE-5 804 – 5,360 ft. lbs.

Hytorc’s brand new ICE tool take everything you loved about the Avanti and improved upon it. With faster torque, automatic safety release levers, and the only tool on the market with a 360×360 uniswivel design, the ICE is truly the next big hydraulic advancement.

This tool is compatible with our new Z-Washer, a completely reactionless washer designed for any bolt.

The ICE tool is the only tool in Hytorc’s line to include an extended 3-year no-questions-asked warranty.

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Avanti-1 196 – 1,284 ft. lbs.
Avanti-3 468 – 3,120 ft. lbs.
Avanti-5 766 – 5,095 ft. lbs.
Avanti-8 1,150 – 7,760 ft. lbs.
Avanti-10 1,478 – 10,075 ft. lbs.
Avanti-20 2,805 – 19,322 ft. lbs.
Avanti-35 4,955 – 34,060 ft. lbs.
Avanti-50 7,462 – 49,750 ft. lbs.

As a replacement and upgrade to the Hytorc MXT, the new Avanti is the Only Torque & Tension Machine that comes with a 360 Degree Adjustable Rear Reaction Arm or a 360 degree Coaxial Reaction Arm.

This tool is also upgradable for use with Hytorc’s Load Disc Torque/Tension and ClampNut Tensioning accessories.

Re-engineered Compact & Superlight Weight Design Provides a more Durability and Safety.

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Twin-speed, automatic, limited-clearance Bolting

Stealth 2 293 – 2,001 ft. lbs.
Stealth 4 604 – 4,020 ft. lbs.
Stealth 8 1,199 – 7,984 ft. lbs.
Stealth 14 2,105 – 14,255 ft. lbs.
Stealth 22 3,250 – 21,680 ft. lbs.
Stealth 36 5,110 – 34,800 ft. lbs.

Click in the pin and screw-free cassette for your size nut. obtain access where no other tool fits. Holding the Hytorc-disc stationary while turning the nut, torques bolts literally in seconds.

The Hytorc-Stealth slim design is patented. Its all application safe fit, its lightweight and its high speed make it the most desirable Maintenance and Production tool for all bolts, including Allen bolts.

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The industry standard for the last 15 years!

1-MXT 200 – 1,390 ft. lbs.
3-MXT 480 – 3,230 ft. lbs.
5-MXT 835 – 5,590 ft. lbs.
10-MXT 1,775 – 11,520 ft. lbs.
35-MXT 5,235 – 34,900 ft. lbs.

The HYTORC MXT Series, Square-Drive Wrench is the only true Uni-Body Tool in the world. Its patented, single-piece housing is the safest and most torsion-resistant structure money can buy. Its durability in use is unquestionably the best. Its job-adjustability is engineered to be the greatest: a 60 point, 360 degree reaction.

Although most consider this tool “bullet-proof” we were able to make some improvements in versatility and expandability by developing the new Avanti Dual which is the successor to the MXT.

Major advantages:

  • Exclusive low profile patented 360×180 degree hose Uni-swivel allows for easy fit in confined areas and eliminates hose kinking.
  • System Accuracy of ± 3% as a result of built-in Torsion-Retainer and guaranteed stroke of not more than 24 degrees.
  • Sure-lock/Easy Release Reaction Arm Retainer
  • Quick Release Levers for accurate Pawl Release
  • Recessed Ratchet Shield
  • 3/4″ to 2-1/2″ Square Drive, 1,000 ft.lbs to 50,000 ft.lbs
  • Lightest and smallest in the world
  • Unbeaten durability
  • Unbeaten accuracy

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2-XLCT 255 – 1,720 ft. lbs.
4-XLCT 595 – 3,970 ft. lbs.
8-XLCT 1,155 – 7700 ft. lbs.
14-XLCT 2,010 – 13,400 ft. lbs.
18-XLCT 2,675 – 17,845 ft. lbs.
30-XLCT 4,500 – 31,800 ft. lbs.
45-XLCT 6,750 – 45,000 ft. lbs.

Although we still manufacture this tool to support our current customers, the XLCT has been replaced in our product line with the Hytorc Stealth Narrow Clearance Wrench.

The world’s largest selling Limited Clearance Cassette Tool.

HYTORC’s patented In-Line Reactor permits the use of drive extensions, something no other hydraulic wrench is capable of.

HYTORC-XLCT provides continuous turning speed and precise power delivery to the nut in all applications.

HYTORC-XLCT is equipped with a 360×360 degree Uni-Swivel so there is literally no hose kinking and the tool can be applied even in the most confined areas.

Give us any flange or casing and watch the HYTORC features benefit you.

Major advantages:

  • Universal fit (low height, small radii)
  • Torsion Resistant Housing
  • Quick Change Ratchet Links (screwless, Pin-Type Cassette Exchange)
  • Contour In-Line Reaction (Torsion-Free Operation)
  • Slim Link Design (High Neck area for Corner Fit)
  • Convertible (Hex, 12-point, Castle-Nut Sockets)
  • Quick-Torq Lever Design (Rapid Cycle)


Our 6th generation limited-clearance Tool.
What started with a 3-moving part tool, ended up to be the fastest, most powerful universal Torque Machine in the World! A Torque Machine that doesn’t pre-stall, doesn’t hang through and gets the desired torque on the nut, no matter what. Add to it the variety of job-related accessories and you have the only tool you will ever need.

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HytorcEdge-1.jpg image by tomhytorcTHE EDGE

The most economical, field-proven “3 MOVING PART” Hydraulic Torque Wrench in the world.

When bolting speed is imperative, simplicity in use, light weight, small size and built-in durability become a must.

The EDGE’S field-proven mechanism has been perfected over the years. The best alloys available combined with safety-oriented engineering and precision machining, make the EDGE-Wrench the one others are compared to for safety, simplicity, accuracy and quality. With 75% fewer parts, sturdy Uni-body Design and Anti-Lock Pawl System, this is the economical solution to your bolting needs.

Major advantages:

  • 360 degree Uni-swivel and 60 point, 360 degree Reaction Arm.
  • Exclusive Precision-tooth Ratchet for accuracy.
  • One-piece, bind-free push-through drive.
  • Exclusive Radius, Throat and Head Contour for fit.
  • Long Stroke Design with Anti-lock feature.
  • Hands-free operation for safety.

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