HYTORC reinvented the nut to speed up, simplify and secure assembly and disassembly of all flanges, regular length or extra length.

To assemble and disassemble flanges

Nothing is as quick as the HYTORC NUT

Nothing is as precise as the HYTORC NUT

Nothing protects your Stud and flange better than the HYTORC NUT

  • reaction-free make-up and break-out of studs
  • instant and all-round accessibility
  • quick set-up time
  • no back-up wrench requirement
  • less tool weight; no reaction arm, no socket
  • no loss of tension due to bolt torsion
  • straight forward stud pulling without the stud relaxation of tensioners
  • factory calibration to assure precise and repeatable clamping force
  • no turning in stud threads, thus no galling
  • no bottoming out of blind studs during tightening
  • no turning on the flange surface 2-step loosening to assure lossening after stud relaxation
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