Hydraulic Power Packs

Hydraulic Power Packs

Air-Driven Power Packs
JetStream Air

Hydraulic Power Packs
QAS 115

HYTORC developed the jet series pumps which are portable, heavy duty, light weight, high flow to withstand the harsh environments of maintenance and meet endurance requirement of production.

These air or electric driven Hydraulic Pumps are engineered for continuous, non-stop use in harsh environments. If used on Torque Tools, Jacks, Cutters, Presses or Bending equipment, their reliability is unmatched by any other Hydraulic Power Pack.

Up to 4 tools can be operated simultaneously due to the high flow of these light-weight pumps. These fully remote-controlled units come ready-to-use.

Major Advandages:

  • Designed for one-to-four tool use
  • New low-profile maintenance-free directional control valve
  • Precision pressure regulator
  • Universality for all Single or Double Acting Cylinders
  • Oil sight/Temperature gauge and drain plug on reservoir
  • Portable 2 gallon Reservoir with Centre Lift Handle
  • Remote Control with Safety Button
  • Portable, durable and precise
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