Hytorc is the world’s oldest and largest manufacturer of precision bolting tools. Since 1968 we have made it our mission to improve the process of industrial bolting through better tools and better procedures. Every one of our Hydraulic Wrenches is made in the USA.

Around the globe in over 50 countries there are 10 Hytorc wrenches to every 1 imitator! We are in hundreds of industries from power generation, to chemical plants, to oil production and refining, mining, pipelines, transportation, manufacturing, aircraft and shipbuilding, and many more. Every time the space shuttle flies its booster rockets were bolted with a Hytorc!

But being the biggest has never been our goal. Business history is littered with stories of dominant companies who forgot what made them great and lost their drive to be the best. We are committed to never let that happen at Hytorc. Innovation is our lifeblood.

WORK DIRECTLY WITH THE MANUFACTURER!!! Hytorc is the only supplier with full-time, exclusive agents world-wide! Wherever you are you go you deal with Hytorc, not a part-time distributor.

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